Sarath Prasad

Property Manager

In 2010, after much careful research, Sarath Prasad chose New Zealand to be his new home. On his arrival from India, he threw himself into the hospitality industry, thriving with the opportunity to communicate and support his clients in face to face customer service roles. A very driven person, Sarath reinvested his salary and spare time into gaining his tertiary education, and a particularly  impressive one at that. Achieving a Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management, a Diploma of Management and a Diploma of Business Management, it’s fairly clear that this is a man who knows what it takes to succeed.

His studies shaped his decision to move from hospitality into the commercial sector, which led him to his current role as Property Manager for Ray White Manurewa. Sarath couldn’t be happier, crediting the experienced team of his inspiring colleagues and mentors for exponential growth in his skill and knowledge base. Property management is Sarath’s niche, he particularly enjoys using his excellent communication skills and diplomacy to resolve any issues that may occur with his tenants, landlords or contractors. He prefers a democratic approach, strongly recognising the importance of being contactable at any time, with the clear understanding that he is managing what is often a client’s most valuable asset.

In his spare time, Sarath is just a regular guy who loves hanging out with his friends and watching movies. Cooking is something he really enjoys, and says travelling is one of his main passions.