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What types of tenancy agreements should be available?

By Katie Adam
The Government wants to modernize tenancy law to give tenants who are meeting their obligations more choice and control over their tenancy.
In particular, the Government has committed to:
  • removing the ability for landlords to end periodic agreements for any reason and without needing to tell the tenant why, and
  • generally extending the notice periods landlords must give tenants under a periodic agreement from 42 days to 90 days.
Landlords will still be able to end tenancies where tenants are not meeting their obligations and in other specific situations.
Tell us what you think:
  • Under what circumstances should tenants and landlords be able to end a tenancy?
  • Should landlords be required to provide tenants with evidence showing why they are ending a tenancy?
  • How much notice should tenants be required to give a landlord when they end a tenancy?
  • Should there be specific termination grounds available to public housing providers?
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